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Docs Collab collaborating physicians for nurse practitioners

Providing Collaborating Physicians Services

At DocsCollab, our sole focus is providing nurse practitioners of Mississippi with top-notch collaborating physicians so that in turn, they can provide top-notch care to the citizens of Mississippi. We cover multiple specialties including family practice and gerontology, and we have a dedicated team to handle all legalities and paperwork associated with collaboration. We also remain involved throughout the process to ensure a smooth collaboration between nurse practitioners and collaborators. DocsCollab has partnered with physicians throughout the state so that no matter where you are located, you can continue treating patients and building your career. Click below for more information, or click here to contact us. 


DocsCollab focuses on providing collaborating physicians for nurse practitioners throughout Mississippi in two of the top specialties of the state: family practice and gerontology.

Family Practice

Family practice encompasses the care of infants through adults and is the largest specialty of nurse practitioners in Mississippi. We have partnered with family practice DOs and MDs throughout the state to ensure that whether the area is metropolitan or rural, we can provide a collaborating family practice physician for any nurse practitioner. If a provider is not available in your area, we file the necessary paperwork for a mileage exemption. 


Delivering adequate healthcare to aging populations within MS is paramount, and nurse practitioners working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are vital. DocsCollab partners with DOs and MDs throughout MS who are qualified to collaborate in gerontology, specifically within nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

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