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Why Choose DocsCollab for your Collaborating Physician ?

DocsCollab is Mississippi’s premier provider of collaborating physicians for nurse practitioners. As a Nurse Practitioner in the state of Mississippi, a collaborating physician is necessary in order to practice. At DocsCollab, we take away the burden of finding a reliable and trustworthy physicians within the medical discipline of family practice who is willing and able to be your collaborating physician. 

We find Your Collaborator

Don’t stress about finding a collaborator within your area. We will match you with a reliable physician within your geographic area and the medical discipline of family practice who is ready and willing to collaborate with you. 

Collaborating Physicians for nurse practitioners in MS

We Handle the Legal

State regulations for collaboration with Nurse Practitioners change, which means collaboration agreements have to be updated often. We stay on top of the latest changes and updates from the Mississippi Board of Nursing so that you don’t have to. 

Easy, Simple, and Efficient

We have created an advanced network of collaborators so that we can easily match NPs with a collaborating physician in the proper scope. Once you fill out our intake form, our dedicated team handles the rest. 

Collaborating Physicians for nurse practitioners in MS
Collaborating Physicians for nurse practitioners in MS

Our Mission

Provide Collaborating Physicians for Nurse Practitioners of Mississippi.

DocsCollab understands the vital role nurse practitioners play in the continued and increased health of citizens throughout the state of Mississippi. Therefore, our sole focus is to provide collaborating physicians to nurse practitioners throughout rural and metropolitan areas of the state so that in turn, they can provide quality, convenient care to residents of Mississippi.



How Do I Know DocsCollab Can Help Me?

DocsCollab is your premier collaboration company because we know collaboration! The company is owned by professionals who have been in the medical field for more than a decade and have an extensive network and vast knowledge of medical collaboration. 

How does DocsCollab find a provider?

After speaking with a DocsCollab representative and filling out the intake form, our administrative team consults our network of physicians throughout Mississippi to find the best match for each individual nurse practitioner on a case by case basis. 

How does DocsCollab choose physicians?

DocsCollab has created a network of physicians throughout the state based on the highest criteria. Only licensed in the state of Mississippi, board certified, vetted medical professionals are able to work with DocsCollab as collaborating physicians. 

How does DocsCollab ensure my collaborator follows protocol?

DocsCollab employs strict standards for our collaborators and remains involved with the collaborator and nurse practitioner each month to ensure that all parties adhere to protocols. 

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